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“Going to the Bakery” – Elementary English Lesson

17 Jan , 2013  

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The bakery…so much great food all in one little place, don’t know what to choose? Confused about how to order? No problem! Sit back and relax as we explain it.

Key Vocabulary

  • Bakery: store that bakes and sells bread and pastries.
  • Loaf: any shaped or moulded mass of food.
  • Sliced: cut into thin slices.
  • Wheat: the grain of of some grasses, used in making flour, pasta, etc.
  • Bread: a kind of food made of flour.
  • Muffins: a small cake.
  • Blueberry: the edible, usually bluish berry of various shrubs.
  • Rye: a widely cultivated cereal grass.
  • Total: complete amount.
  • Cheesecake: a type of cake.
  • Cakes: a baked dessert.

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