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Global View – “The 7 Wonders Of The World” – Real Deal English

6 Feb , 2013  

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Our world is filled with amazing creations of art, engineering and architecture. The Greeks created the first account of what was considered the 7 wonders of the ancient world, and now we have a new list! Where and what are they? Listen to this podcast to find out!

Key Words

  • Taj Mahal: A mausoleum located in India made entirely of white marble.
  • Great Wall: An extensive wall in China that kept invaders at bay.
  • Architecture: the art and science of designing buildings.
  • Petra: A historical city in Jordan which was carved out of the mountain.
  • Machu Pichu: An Inca ancient city set high in the Andes mountains in Peru.
  • Pyramid: a structure where the outer surfaces are triangular and converge at a point.
  • Colosseum: An ancient amphitheater located in Rome.
  • Wonders: A monumental human creation that is amazing.
  • Gladiator: A person trained to entertain the public by engaging in mortal combat.
  • Tomb: A grave or other place of burial.

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