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Daily Life – “Mobile Phone Plan” – Real Deal English

12 Mar , 2013  

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So you’ve moved to a new country, and you need to set up your mobile phone so that you can start getting calls. But how can you describe what kind of plan you want for your phone? Today, we’ll learn some helpful Englsih words and phrases to describe mobile phone plans. Now, if only we could teach you a way to avoid all those extra fees!

Key Vocabulary

  • activate: cause something to start working.
  • prepaid: a prgram where you pay for cell phone time in advance.
  • monthly rate plan: a program that needs you to pay every month.
  • compatible with: able to work well together.
  • in luck: you are lucky right now; we have what you need.
  • throw in: give something extra for free.
  • anytime minutes: cell phone time you can use at any time.
  • text messages: short messages sent by mobile phone.
  • unlimited: with out limit; as much as you want.
  • evening and weekend minutes: cell phone minutes you can use on evenings and week.
  • rollover: allow unused minutes to be used the next month.
  • handset: mobile phone.
  • fee: the amount of money you need to pay.
  • charges: the amount of money you need to pay.

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