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Daily Life – “Learning Simple Math”

19 Mar , 2013  

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Math can be hard, but talking about math using proper English can be even harder. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to talk about simple math in English. We’ll also teach you some great vocabulary that children use to talk about that one kid who just tries a little too hard.

Key Vocabulary 

  • Review: go over what have been learned.
  • Add: add (+).
  • Teacher’s pet: the student a teacher likes best.
  • Minus: take away; subtract (-).
  • Times: multiply; (x)
  • Suck up: a person who always tries to make the teacher or boss like him or her.
  • Divided by: separate to some parts.
  • Smarty pants: a person who tries to show he is so smart.
  • Square root: the number got when a number is multiplied by itself.
  • I’ll bet: I think something is likely to happen.
  • Know-it-all: the person claims or pretends to know everything.

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