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Daily Life – “Dr. Plumber” – Real Deal English

2 Apr , 2013  

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A broken toilet is bad enough, but when you don’t have the words to describe the situation to the plumber, what are you to do? In this lesson, we’re talking about plumbing, and we’ve got plenty of new English words for you to learn. Today we’ll teach you how to describe a plumbing emergency and we’ll also find out why the toilet is broken.

Key Vocabulary

  • clog: slowly forming a block in something.
  • blockage: something that stops another thing from passing through.
  • shut off: to cause a machine to stop operating.
  • falling apart: slowly break.
  • leak: liquid or gas escaping from its containter through.
  • plumber: plumber.
  • flush: to cause water to clean a toilet.
  • plunger: a tool for unclogging toilets.
  • suspect: have an idea about the reason for something.
  • overflow: to flow over the edge of something.
  • rusty: covered with a reddish brown color.
  • drain: to remove liquid from something by letting it flow.
  • faucet: a device that controls the flow that comes out of.
  • shutting off: to cause a machine to stop operating.

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