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Global View – “College Life” – Real Deal English

16 Apr , 2013  

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The great years of college life! Studying, partying and more studying! Our days were filled with classes, lectures and extra curricular activities. Join us today as we discuss a typical day in the life of a college student, and pick up some useful words and phrases on the way!

Key Vocabulary

  • Long time no see: phrase used to express that you haven’t seen someone in a very long time.
  • orientation: a class where instructions are given on the first day at school.
  • setting into: to become accustomed to one’s new surroundings.
  • frat house: Fraternity house, place where members of a fraternity live and socialize.
  • frat boy: a term used to call people that are part of a fraternity.
  • dropping: to quit or not continue a class.
  • credits: academic mark.
  • major: the specific focus of your undergraduate program.

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