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Global View – “Gambling” – Real Deal English

23 Apr , 2013  

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Is gambling wrong? What are the costs and benefits of legalized gambling? In this advanced lesson we will be exploring these moral questions and learning some useful phrases along the way that you can use the next time you are in a heated English debate.

Key Vocabulary

  • legalizing: to make (something) legal.
  • vice: bad or immoral behavior or habits.
  • exploitation: using someone for something unfairly.
  • sole purpose: only reason.
  • monetary: about money.
  • gambling: the practice of risking money in a game or bet.
  • casinos: a building or room that has games you can bet on.
  • bookies: a person who organizes bets (informal).
  • addicted: unable to stop doing something that is harmful.

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