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8 May , 2013  

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You have probably heard of Halloween, but have you heard of All Saints Day? Though not as widespread in popular culture as Halloween, All Saints Day on November 1st is the reason why Halloween first began and it is a very special day in many cultures. Join OpenLanguage English today as we learn about the meaning of this day and some of the traditions practiced on this day around the world.

Key Vocabulary 

  • All soul’s day: November 2 observed in some Christian churches as the day of the dead.
  • among: among.
  • honoring: confer honor on.
  • the departed: the people who have passed away.
  • to pass away: to die, to perish.
  • burial: the act of burying, esp the interment of a dead body.
  • wake: A watch over the body of a deceased person before burial, sometimes accompanied by festivity. Also called regionally viewing.
  • funeral procession: A group of persons, vehicles, or objects moving along a casket through the streets.
  • cremate: to burn up (something, esp a corpse) and reduce to ash.

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