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Global View – “Big Bang Theory” – Real Deal English

22 May , 2013  

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A controversial subject; The Big Bang Theory! It’s a mix of science and theories that scientists today still can’t agree on! However, here at OpenLanguage English, we can use this great topic to learn about the cosmos, matter and particles! Even if you aren’t very interested in physics, you will find useful language that will allow you to express your thoughts and opinions in real, native-like English. So, listen to this podcast, and learn some langauge that you can use to win your next intellectual argument.

Key Vocabulary

  • what’s up: what is happening.
  • Killer: Something that is extremely difficult to deal with or withstand.
  • theory: a set of statements or principles devised to explain a group of facts or phenomena.
  • Big Bang: the theory that a cosmic explosion caused the origin of the universe.
  • matter: the substance of which something, is made; material.
  • imbalance: the situation where there is an unequal amount of different things.
  • particles: any one tiny part of matter.
  • anti-particles: a particle that has the same mass as another particle but has opposite values for its other properties.
  • notions: ideas or concepts.
  • rigor:the state of something being very exact.
  • equivocate: use vague language so as to deceive someone.
  • withstanding: surviving a difficult experience or trouble.

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