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28 May , 2013  

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Hey film fans, this lesson is for you! In today’s lesson, we’re listening to a movie review. We’re going to learn some really helpful words and phrases that you can use to express your opinion (in a very academic way) about a film. But this language is not just for films; it can be useful for artistic criticism of any kind. So, come on in, take a listen, and find out what movie we’re reviewing.

Key Vocabulary

  • dare to say: have the confidence to say.
  • rightfully: according to the law.
  • erudite: having a lot of knowladge; espically gained from studying.
  • impression: the feelings one has after a specific event.
  • depict: describe, show, especially in art or pictures.
  • fable: beautiful story about animals that has a moral or lesson.
  • eternal:lasting forever.
  • accusation: action of caliming something is wrong.
  • enchanting: attractive, holding one’s attention.
  • score: written work showing notes of music.
  • predictable: easy for others to foresee what is going to happen.
  • portrayal: the act of showing or describing somehting, especially in art.
  • grim: unpleasant.
  • linear: moving in logical way, from start to end.
  • cliche: something that is too often used so that it loses meaning or importance.
  • time-honoured: something that survives the testing of time.
  • soft: not critical enough.

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