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Global View – “Calling 911” – Real Deal English

4 Jun , 2013  

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When there is an emergency, who are you going to call? No, not Ghostbusters, you have to call 911! In this great lesson, we will teach you in English, many different examples of why and when you would call an emergency number. This lesson can save your life! Don’t miss it!

Key Vocabulary

  • dressed up: to put on fancy dress, disguise.
  • professions: an occupation requiring special training.
  • fireman: person who puts out fires and rescues people.
  • police officer: policeman or policewoman.
  • lifeguard: person who protects people from drowning.
  • dial: to press the buttons to make a telephone call.
  • breaks into: to enter a house illegally, esp by force.
  • goes off: to ring or sound loudly.
  • robber: person who robs or steals.
  • heart attack: painful condition where the heart stops beating.
  • pick up: take up by hand.

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