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Global View – “Understanding a Trial” – Real Deal English

26 Jun , 2013  

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Guilty! Guilty! He is Guilty your honor. You have probably heard these words in a movie or TV show about law and today we are going to take a better look and explain some of them. This court is in session!

Key Vocabulary

  • reached a veredict: succeed in making the finding of a jury in a trial.
  • guilty: responsible for doing something bad.
  • your honor: a respectful title used to or of certain judges.
  • jury: a body of persons sworn to judge.
  • accused of: to charge someone with a crime.
  • commit: to do something (usually a crime).
  • prosecution: the lawyers against the defendant.
  • pickpocket: one who steals from pockets.
  • testimony: a declaration of truth or fact.
  • defendant: the person being sued or accused.
  • victims: people affected by a painful or sad experience.
  • innocent: not guilty.
  • so-called: refer to something that is not suitable.
  • evidence: something that shows the thing is true.
  • witnesses: one who is called on to testify before a court.

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