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5 Funny April Fool’s Day Pranks to Pull

31 Mar , 2015  

So slightly of topic, we thought we’d provide all of you keen English learners with some great practical jokes you can pull on those closest to you. Check them out and let us know how they go..

1. “Desktop Background” – This works especially well in an environment where less tech-savvy people are known to lurk (grandparents). Simply take a picture of the area behind the computer the victim is soon to use, then upload this image to the same computer. Set the image as desktop background and watch the confusion on their face. Pro tip – connect a wireless mouse that you’ll be in control of for added effect.

2. “Frozen Cereal” – The night before April fool’s day (tonight!) prepare a bowl of cereal and place in the freezer. Get up in the morning and add some milk to the surface and already have the spoon sticking out. Leave the bowl on the side, or give it to a loved one and see them struggle with the frozen contraption; and hopefully watch them spill milk all over their new brand new suit/dress.

3. “The Donut Seeds” – Very simple prank. Get hold of a small packet (coffee, cereal) and print out a small label saying “Donut Seeds”. Fill said packet with Cheerios and watch the most gullible of people contemplate whether or not they are actually legitimate.

4. “Behind the Shower Curtain” – An absolute classic. Pick up the craziest mask from your local fancy dress shop and equip yourself with a bin-bag. Continue to make 3 holes in the bag, 2 for your arms to fit through and one for your head. On completion, wear the bin-bag like a beautiful dress and put the mask on. Make your way to the bathroom and get in the bath, and pull the curtain cover shut. Then it’s simply a waiting game. Set up your phone or camera next to the sink to capture how much your victim freaks out. Oh yeah, and please send us the footage.

5. “Mayonuts” – This one may take a little bit more planning. Head to your favourite Donut shop and pick up a box of 12 cream or jam donuts. Continue to carefully remove the cream (a little easier than jam) from the centre either with a teaspoon or some form of suction technique (you’re on your own to figure that one out). Continue to replace the contents with a helpful serving of Mayonnaise. Offer to your best friends and loved ones and enjoy their reaction.

So there you have it, 5 funny ways to annoy your friends or relatives – courtesy of Read Deal English. Aren’t we kind.

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