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“Movie Night” – Elementary English Lesson

31 Jul , 2015  

What’s playing at your local theatre? Find out how to talk about different kinds of movies in today’s lesson.

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10 English Foreign Import English Words You Didn’t Know

30 Jul , 2015  

Words We ‘borrowed’… Here’s a list of words we adopted into English without really even changing the spelling, or in the case of languages with non-Roman alphabets, the pronunciation. Doppelganger We removed the umlaut from the a, but that’s it! We use this word to refer to a person who looks uncannily like another person. It […]

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“Ordering Steaks” – Elementary English Lesson

29 Jul , 2015  

You’re at a restaurant and you’re craving a steak; what kind of steak do you want? In today’s lesson you’ll learn to talk about different types of steaks.

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Top 10 Foods in the USA

28 Jul , 2015  

1. Cheeseburger with fries This is so popular because you can make them with as much or little toppings as you like! Most popular ones include onions, relish, bacon and in some areas even peanut butter! 2. Barbecue ribs Usually served with a bit of a char, and covered in BBQ sauce of course.. 3. […]

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“Sunday Brunch” – Pre-Intermediate English Lesson

27 Jul , 2015  

It’s not breakfast; it’s not lunch.  It’s brunch, one of the most popular meals of the week.  Find out what people across the world will be ordering next Sunday in today’s lesson!

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“I’m Vegetarian” – Elementary English Lesson

24 Jul , 2015  

Not everyone eats meat. In today’s lesson, we’re having lunch with a vegetarian friend. Listen in and find out what he does and doesn’t eat.

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More Awesome Ways to Learn English

23 Jul , 2015  

1. Use the internet’s free materials! ahem Real Deal English ahem.. So yeah There are many online sites that offer free explanations for English rules, translations and word definitions. At the same time, hundreds of books, instructional videos, listening tapes and other supplemental materials are available to anyone with the means to buy them. These […]

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“Product Recall” – Advanced English Lesson

22 Jul , 2015  

Ever have something go wrong with a new vehicle? Your first reaction might be, “Oh no, what did I do?” but what if it has nothing to do with anything you did? Today’s dialogue represents what happens when something is wrong with the automobile, not the operator.

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5 Cool Ways to Pick Up English

21 Jul , 2015  

Check out these top 5 tips on how you can maybe switch up your English learning process to make it more interesting, and more importantly more effective! #1: Find some English radio stations and podcasts in iTunes There are tons of podcasts about all topics imaginable these days: entertainment, politics, news. A good way to […]

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“Printing Business Cards” – Elementary English Lesson

20 Jul , 2015  

Need some more business cards? In today’s lesson learn how to have a conversation about ordering business cards.

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“Quitting a Job” – Intermediate English Lesson

17 Jul , 2015  

Whether you love your job or loathe it, the day will eventually come when it’s time to say goodbye and move on. Find out how to quit a job without burning any bridges in today’s intermediate lesson.

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“Writing Marketing Copy” – Upper-Intermediate English Lesson

16 Jul , 2015  

Marketing copy has existed for a long time. But the nature of marketing copy has changed quite a bit in the past few years. How do you write effective marketing copy for the digital and mobile age?

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“Ordering a Beer” – Elementary English Lesson

15 Jul , 2015  

Yes, you can always say “give me a beer”. But especially these days in the United States, there are lots of different types of beers out there. Which will you order? And did you bring your card?…

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15 Cool Facts About The English Language!

14 Jul , 2015  

1. ‘E’ is the most commonly used letter in the English language. In fact, as many as one in eight of all the letters written in English is ‘e’. 2. More English words begin with the letter ‘S’ than any other letter of the alphabet. 3. ‘I am.’ is the shortest complete sentence in the […]

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“Nice Jeans!” – Elementary English Lesson

13 Jul , 2015  

For more in depth learning head to to access hundreds of more English lessons. Quote the promo code – realdeal – to get a Standard Monthly Subscription for 99¢! Those new premium jeans might have cost a week’s salary, but they sure do make your butt look good. Find out how to talk about […]

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Top Twitter pages for English Learners

8 Jul , 2015  

Twitter can be a great way to learn English and use some of the best resources available online.   1. Real Deal English (@realdealenglish) But you already knew this right? Follow us and receive free daily real-life situation based lessons, all in downloadable MP3 format so you can listen to them wherever and whenever you […]

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Top Common English Learning Mistakes

6 Jul , 2015  

1. Trying To Be Perfect Students and teachers often focus on mistakes. They worry about mistakes. They correct mistakes. They feel nervous about mistakes. They try to speak perfectly. No one, however, is perfect. Native speakers make mistakes all the time. You will too. Instead of focusing on the negative– focus on communication. Your goal […]

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“Racism in the United States” – Real Deal English

1 Jul , 2015  

For more in depth learning head to to access hundreds of more English lessons. Quote the promo code – realdeal – to get a Standard Monthly Subscription for 99¢!