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Top Twitter pages for English Learners

8 Jul , 2015  

Twitter can be a great way to learn English and use some of the best resources available online.


1. Real Deal English (@realdealenglish)
But you already knew this right? Follow us and receive free daily real-life situation based lessons, all in downloadable MP3 format so you can listen to them wherever and whenever you like!
2. (@myenglishteache)
The World’s Friendliest Online English Language School.
3. Real Life English (@reallifeeng)
We tweet daily phrasal verbs, slang, grammar exercises, idioms, jokes, quotes, podcasts, articles from our blog & more. Follow us & learn real life English!
4. Aaron @PhraseMix (@phrasemix)
“I’m obsessed with finding the best way to learn a foreign language.”
5. Englishfeed (@englishfeed)
Kenneth Beare – ESL Expert at, English language learning content developer and industry strategist
6. Espresso English (@espressoenglish)
7. Grammar YUNiversity (@the_yuniversity)
8. Cambridge Dictionary (@cambridgewords)
Word of the day for English language learners. Read the word and example sentence. Do you know this word? Click the link to see a definition.
9. Marcelo Mendes (@engforpleasure)
“What I like most: English Language, MMORPG/Shooting games, Cycling, Walking, Weight training and a lot of Coffee!”
10. BBC Learning English (@bbcle)
The number of followers says it all! Thanks Anastasia Koltai at!

And One More Thing…
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