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Top 10 Foods in the USA

28 Jul , 2015  

1. Cheeseburger with fries
This is so popular because you can make them with as much or little toppings as you like! Most popular ones include onions, relish, bacon and in some areas even peanut butter!

2. Barbecue ribs
Usually served with a bit of a char, and covered in BBQ sauce of course..

3. Hotdog on bun with mustard
A classic you can find almost anywhere, sold in Hotdog stands usually at a very affordable price.

4. Pepperoni pizza
The Italian import that’s stood the test of time. Cheese, onions, pepperoni, ham and pineapple can all be added; and many more.

5. Caesar Salad
For all th healthy eaters, a great choice to have just hold back on the dressing a little..

6. Southern fried chicken
Not the healthiest option, but definitely worth a try.

7. Pastrami sandwich
Found at most deli counters across the States, easily prepared and tastes great.

8. T-bone steak
Not the cheapest option, but if cooked just the way you like them they can be unbeatable.

9. Chili con carne
Variations of this dish vary from place to place, with most places putting their own spin on it with different ingredients.

10. Macaroni and cheese
Very cheap and easy. Essentially pasta and cheese.

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