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Top 10 English Phrases Your Boss Loves to Hear (Podcast)

14 Aug , 2015  

In corporate America, you not only need to work hard and smart, knowing the right things to say is just as important. Today we share a few important phrases that can help you stand out at work. We’ve also included an intermediate OpenLanguage lesson ‘Stepping up at Work’ to further help you.

Top 10 Things Your Boss Loves to Hear

  1. I’d like to step up. How can I help?
  2. I’ve got it covered.
  3. I’d like to learn more.
  4. How can I improve?
  5. I’ll take the lead on that.
  6. I see a problem…
  7. Here’s how we can solve the problem.
  8. I’d like to propose a new idea.
  9. I’ll get that done by…
  10. I take full responsibility for the mistake, but it won’t happen in the future.

Now you’ve learned these practical phrases, listen to this OpenLanguage lesson as an employee tries to step up at work and take more responsibilities. What does he say and how does his boss respond?

For detailed explanation of this lesson, download the free OpenLanguage app and search for ‘Stepping up at Work’ in the library.

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  1. Fisher says:

    I want to learn more English and speak more fluently.

  2. Fisher says:

    i love English.i want to learn more and i think this can help me a lot.

  3. Harvey says:

    It is a great podcast to learn English.

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