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Learning Through Headlines (20160906): Obama Reacts After Philippines President Uses ‘Colorful’ Language

7 Sep , 2016  

Rainbows and sunsets aren’t the only colorful things out there. Big thanks to Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte for giving us the chance to talk about ‘colorful’ language!

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Learning Through Headlines (20160905): Letter gets there by hand-drawn map

5 Sep , 2016  

Looks like we don’t need addresses for our letters to arrive anymore. And speaking of “arriving”, today we’re looking at a more common and natural expression to replace this very word.

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Learning Through Headlines (20160902): Headphone pick-up advice is not sweet music to women’s ears

3 Sep , 2016  

So you want to talk to women, but can’t because they are wearing headphones. What to do? We’ll talk about a man who is giving other men advice on how to pick up women, as well as the phase “music to my ears” in today’s LTH.

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Learning Through Headlines (20160901): Sandwich artist reveals Subway’s grossest secrets

2 Sep , 2016  

In today’s Learning Through Headlines, we’re looking at the word “gross”, as well as a few ways to use it in everyday speech.

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Top 10 English Phrases Your Boss Loves to Hear (Podcast)

14 Aug , 2015  

In corporate America, you not only need to work hard and smart, knowing the right things to say is just as important. Today we share a few important phrases that can help you stand out at work. We’ve also included an intermediate OpenLanguage lesson ‘Stepping up at Work’ to further help you. Top 10 Things […]

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10 English Foreign Import English Words You Didn’t Know

30 Jul , 2015  

Words We ‘borrowed’… Here’s a list of words we adopted into English without really even changing the spelling, or in the case of languages with non-Roman alphabets, the pronunciation. Doppelganger We removed the umlaut from the a, but that’s it! We use this word to refer to a person who looks uncannily like another person. It […]

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Top 10 Foods in the USA

28 Jul , 2015  

1. Cheeseburger with fries This is so popular because you can make them with as much or little toppings as you like! Most popular ones include onions, relish, bacon and in some areas even peanut butter! 2. Barbecue ribs Usually served with a bit of a char, and covered in BBQ sauce of course.. 3. […]

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More Awesome Ways to Learn English

23 Jul , 2015  

1. Use the internet’s free materials! ahem Real Deal English ahem.. So yeah There are many online sites that offer free explanations for English rules, translations and word definitions. At the same time, hundreds of books, instructional videos, listening tapes and other supplemental materials are available to anyone with the means to buy them. These […]

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5 Cool Ways to Pick Up English

21 Jul , 2015  

Check out these top 5 tips on how you can maybe switch up your English learning process to make it more interesting, and more importantly more effective! #1: Find some English radio stations and podcasts in iTunes There are tons of podcasts about all topics imaginable these days: entertainment, politics, news. A good way to […]

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15 Cool Facts About The English Language!

14 Jul , 2015  

1. ‘E’ is the most commonly used letter in the English language. In fact, as many as one in eight of all the letters written in English is ‘e’. 2. More English words begin with the letter ‘S’ than any other letter of the alphabet. 3. ‘I am.’ is the shortest complete sentence in the […]

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Top Twitter pages for English Learners

8 Jul , 2015  

Twitter can be a great way to learn English and use some of the best resources available online.   1. Real Deal English (@realdealenglish) But you already knew this right? Follow us and receive free daily real-life situation based lessons, all in downloadable MP3 format so you can listen to them wherever and whenever you […]

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Top Common English Learning Mistakes

6 Jul , 2015  

1. Trying To Be Perfect Students and teachers often focus on mistakes. They worry about mistakes. They correct mistakes. They feel nervous about mistakes. They try to speak perfectly. No one, however, is perfect. Native speakers make mistakes all the time. You will too. Instead of focusing on the negative– focus on communication. Your goal […]

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8 Ways to Learn English Through Music!

29 Apr , 2015  

1. Go to the right place to find songs. You could search video sharing sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. They have vast libraries of music videos and some will also be subtitled with the song lyrics in English. Spotify, a subscription service, is fantastic because they have a huge selection which you can take […]

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The Longest 9 Words in the English Language

16 Apr , 2015  

9. Honorificabilitudinitatibus This 27-letter word coined by Shakespeare, in his comedy Love’s Labour’s Lost, is a testament to the Bard’s own intralexiconic skills. Meaning “the state of being able to achieve honors,” the word is the longest one in the English language with alternating consonants and vowels. 8. Antidisestablishmentarianism Containing 28-letters, antidisestablishmentarianism is the longest […]

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How I’m Fluent In 8 Languages – Interview With Olly Richards

10 Apr , 2015  

Real Deal English caught up with Olly from and were very keen to find about how one actually should should go about tackling the rather small task of becoming fluent in EIGHT LANGUAGES! Here’s what Olly had to say. 1) What was the first language you tackled and why? I studied French and German […]

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5 Funny April Fool’s Day Pranks to Pull

31 Mar , 2015  

So slightly of topic, we thought we’d provide all of you keen English learners with some great practical jokes you can pull on those closest to you. Check them out and let us know how they go.. 1. “Desktop Background” – This works especially well in an environment where less tech-savvy people are known to […]

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Fluent in 7 Languages – An Interview With “The Irish Polyglot”

24 Mar , 2015  

We recently got the chance to interview someone we’re sure many of you may be aware of or have seen online. Benny Lewis is fluent in 7 languages and aims to help people feel confident in speaking another language, even if they’ve only just started learning. Benny say’s his mission in life is giving people […]

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5 More Ways to Pick Up English Faster

20 Mar , 2015  

#1: Pay attention to billboards, signs, advertisements, magazine stands and establishment names Look and think about what these ads mean. How many words do you recognize? Did you see that same word elsewhere? Make up sentences about what you’re seeing. #2: Love music? Try figuring out the words/lyrics of your favorite songs Watch video clips […]

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Human Translation vs. Google Translate in 2015

19 Mar , 2015  

A century ago, it would have been the stuff of science fiction. Using a machine to translate a foreign language into English? It would have sounded crazy. Today, though, it’s a reality. But not a perfect one. One problem with this technology is that there are so many different ways a word, phrase or sentence […]

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5 Common English Learning Mistakes

13 Mar , 2015  

1. Forcing Speech Both English students and teachers try to force speech before the learner is ready. The result is that most students speak English very slowly– with no confidence and no fluency. Forcing speech is a huge mistake. Don’t force speech. Focus on listening and be patient. Speak only when you are ready to […]